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Nearly Human Knowledge Agent

What is a Nearly Human Knowledge Agent

Illustration of head and brain with circuits

A Nearly Human Knowledge Agent is your specialized AI assistant trained to deliver insights on demand to your queries. Knowledge Agents can consume 1000’s of page of information effortlessly allowing you to build an external brain for your business, that you can then question, ask to perform repetitive tasks or to even generate new material.

These are domain specific, and many businesses leverage multiple Knowledge Agents in the same business.

Large Language Model based

How do Nearly Human Knowledge Agents work?

illustration of loop with cog to represent process

Knowledge Agents are powered by Large Language Models. LLMs are computer programs that ingest massive amounts of data to learn patterns, context and even language nuances for a wide range of applications.

These LLMs are fine-tuned on your domain specific knowledge base. This means that we train and optimize an open-source base model with documents of your choice that are specific to your industry, company or use case.

Enterprise grade

Nearly Human Knowledge Agents are enterprise grade applications built to support high user loads, securely and reliably.

illustration of two clouds connected and exchanging data

Whether a company of 1 or 1k, our Knowledge Agents easily integrate with and leverage your existing systems while adhering to the most stringent standards for data privacy and compliance.

Reduce your operations cost, organize your machine learning, and protect your company and your clients – all with Cortex.

Generative AI can’t replace humans (yet) but it can assist them in leveraging their talents to be more productive, more efficient and more effective in their roles.

Curious about how Nearly Human Knowledge Agents can leverage your talent?

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Nearly Human not only implemented working AI Automation Algorithms, but also implemented a highly scalable architecture that aligns with Navy Cloud deployment to rapidly scale the implementation in a manner that reduces the average cost of automation with each new support center that adopts the technology.

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Nearly Human provides transformational Artificial Intelligence solutions to today’s forward-looking businesses through Intelligent Automation, Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning Optimization and cutting-edge Natural Language Processing.

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