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Business Ready AI.

your Machine Learning AI team’s productivity with the Nearly Human Cortex Machine Learning Platform

Introducing Cortex

The complete solution for your organization’s
machine learning AI.

With direct integration to GitHub and a user-friendly, web-based control panel, you can easily keep track of all your algorithms in one place. But Cortex doesn’t just streamline your workflow – it provides automated, secure deployment and built in responsibility controls. Automatic bias and ethics checks, explainability controls and auditing ensure accountability aligned to industry leading best practices, the latest public policy, and your organization’s responsible AI strategy.

Reduce your operations cost, organize your machine learning, and protect your company and your clients – all with Cortex

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Forward-thinking solutions for the next
generation of business leaders

Our Approach

Artificial intelligence is changing the
face of technology as we speak.

We help our clients achieve three pillars of success for
machine learning strategies.

Nearly Human not only implemented working AI Automation Algorithms, but also implemented a highly scalable architecture that aligns with Navy Cloud deployment to rapidly scale the implementation in a manner that reduces the average cost of automation with each new support center that adopts the technology.

Navy 311 Program Manager

Our Mission

Nearly Human provides transformational Artificial Intelligence solutions to today’s forward-looking businesses through Intelligent Automation, Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning Optimization and cutting-edge Natural Language Processing.

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We are a progressive company who believes in breaking the mold and creating our own.

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We are at the forefront of a booming AI automation revolution.

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